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Competition 2015, honourable mention


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The project THE CATALOGUE takes a completely new and radical approach on preservation. Instead of renovating, restoring, or even replicating culturally or historically important buildings, which gradually leads to a complete renewal, thus a copy; and neither just letting the buildings age in peace until they fall apart as ruins and eventually disappear completely, this project pro- poses to take an inventory, create a catalogue of the existing. Rethinking the value of the physical substance, the actual materials of the buildings as originals, containing memory and cultural value.

By collecting and cataloging, the origin of preservation is brought together with a radical new proposition. Taking apart the existing buildings, and arrange their materials on the former foot- print of the building, a collection, an inventory of the past is created. Catalogued, rearranged, and re-sorted, these stacks of materials open up the possibilities of reimagining and re-mem- orizing the past in the present. And at the same time, the newly created collection creates a spatial experience and inspirational source. On a stroll through the town, every building will be represented in its individual way. Like this, a former wooden structure, catalogued as piles of mostly wooden elements triggers the imagination and experience in a completely different sense than the piles and stacks of a stone building.

This experimental approach on preservation sees the project not as a frozen instant of a cer- tain period of time, the catalogued inventory represents a new beginning, laid out as source materials for future development and ideas.