Greenline Toronto

Competition, 1st Place


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Initial situation

The green line passes through a variety of areas and is characterized today by its diversity that hinders a spatial understanding of the hydro corridor which remains often as an abandoned space.


The space

A continuous path for pedestrians and cyclists makes it possible to experience the whole length of the corridor as an essential artery of the city with all of its characteristics.


The aim

By combining the responsibility and community created by allotment gardens, with the people and possibilities of a public space, as well as the influences of the surrounding characteristics, a future-oriented, sustainable place with a new local identity is created.


The experience

On a journey along the path, the people can experience the different characteristics of each area, as well as all the public possibilities like picnic ares, bbq, benches, sport fields, local restaurants and playgrounds, enjoying the green of the allotment gardens, guided by a common thread: the path.


Rethinking public spaces

This project tries to think beyond the understanding of public spaces as being provided by the government, but as a possibility for the people to create their own living environment. It is possible for everyone to start creating and influencing their surroundings,developping a new responsibility to this site, to create something that could become more than just the sum of its parts, an attraction for the whole city.