Housing - Zürich

ETH Zürich, 3rd semester, Prof. A. Deplazes



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A housing project in which the house was developed from the inside to the outside, from the single apartment to the urbainistic situation. With breaks in the strict structure, each apartment expands spatially in plan and in section. This makes it possible to create a diverse mix of apartments, and gives each apartment an unusual big spatial expansion. Every of these apartmens reaches from one fassace to the other with a very special room, the heart and centerpeice consisting of livingroom, eating, kitchen and balcony. Only in the middle of the building, this room has the doubled height and thus not only connects both levels of the apartment but also acts as an introverted, special center. The mix and puzzle of different apartment-sizes is also refelcted in the grey, wodden fassade wich respects the two different sides of the plot, but also the different levels of each room’s privacy requirements. The two buildings define the border of the street, but at the same time appear as the entrance gate to the green space and the school behind.