Roh, Rauh, Robust - Infrastructure as architecture

ETH Zürich, Bachelor Project, Prof. M. Angelil

in collaboration with Anil Erkan 


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The goal is to create an awareness of the relation between Infrastructure and Landscape. A series of five projects along the valley ties the currently disconnected highway to certain local characteristics to highlight and emphasize the territory beeing crossed. Transforming the typical rest stop into an experiential sequence gives a didactic tool to create a new understanding of landscape on different levels.



The characteristics today:


The Rhone-valley is strongly influenced by infrastructure and the contrast to landscape, which is getting pushed away. The RPG decition emphasizes this development, the Wallis was the only Kanton which was not in favour of protecting the landscape.

One of the main driving forces is the highway, often ignoring local characteristics with a poor relation to the landscape.


The project:


In a series of five projects, like five scenes in a movie, along the valley, the highway is beeing tied to certain local characteristics to emphasize and highlight the territory and landscape beeing crossed.


The goal:


The project aims to create an awareness and a new understanding of the relation between infrastructure and landscape.


The program:


The program of each project is a rest stop, which commits a symbiosis with the site.

Transforming the typical rest stop into a didactic tool gives the possibility to create a sequence of perception and experience of certian local characteristics, differently in every project, with the goal to create the awareness of the relation between landcape and infrastructure on different levels of understanding. Instead of an isolated pattern of functions, the reststop is transformed from a place of consumption into an unusual combination of usual and local uses within a sequence of experience and perception.