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noun \ba-‘si-li-ka also -‘zi-\
1:an oblong building used in ancient Rome as a place of public assembly

2: a rectangular early Christian or medieval church 


Rank’s Silo is an important icon for modern irish architecture, a contemporary witness and symbol of progress and change of time. As such, it has always been percieved from the outside only. Therefore the exterior appearance is a collective memory of the city and has to remain unchanged. 


The interior however consists of a very unique structure that - even it was built for a solely funtional purpose - has a powerful and almost sacral character. A process of “unmaking”, rather than making, is employed to reveal this hid- den power. By subtracting only, the existing structure’s previously hidden spatial and monumental qualities be- come exposed to create an atmospheric found space - unveiling the archaic beauty of the structure’s components.


Instead of being demolished, the disused silo is transforemed into a Basilica, a place for everyone. The variety of possible uses reaches from debates to concerts, from gatherings to ceremonies. This strengthens the silo’s position as timeless witness that combines history and development and acts as centerpiece that gives identity and the driving force to the evolvement of this district and its surrounding.